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Posted on 07-10-2017

Place Yourself at the Top of the List

I recently read an article in the Health Section of the Delaware News Journal (if you’ve never checked that out, by the way, Jen Rini writes TERRIFIC articles once a week on all kinds of health-rated topics!) about Diane Kukich, a Newark resident who as of 9/2/16 had exercised almost 10,000 days in a row. Her theory is that we shower and brush our teeth every day, why not exercise every day?

Although very few people bring such integrity to their word and I REALLY appreciate Diane’s moxie, I wonder if she’s taking a bit of a short sighted attitude towards exercise?

How about this: since you shower and brush your teeth every day why not do something HEALTHY for yourself every day…in other words: place your own health needs at the very top of your priority list!

And placing your own health needs at the top of the list doesn’t just mean exercising…BOATLOADS of hard science has proven that eating well and off-loading your stress certainly have a lot to do with attaining and maintaining your optimum health. Placing your own needs at the top of the list also effectively means paying attention to yourself and your life. And even if you only place yourself at the top of the list in order to be there for your loved ones plus get to hang around a little longer in order to make a bigger impact on the world, those are still GREAT reasons to place yourself at the top of the list…when you put your own needs first, the needs of everyone and everything else you love just come along for the ride.

So think about it: isn’t placing yourself at the top of the list the truest, noblest, most right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent, and praiseworthy thing you can do?

And remember, in the end no one ever wishes they’d spent more time on Facebook!

Jessica Lewis, CPT, CNC

HCC Lifestyle Coach

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